Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Matsumoto Japanese Restaurant

Its no huge secret that I'm not the biggest fan of Japanese food. I love the way the food looks, but that doesn't often translate to wanting to put it in my mouth. I'm sure it has something to do with my meat and three veg upbringing, but that really isn't a good enough reason to avoid such fascinating cuisine.  

Over the past few weeks, all I have been wanting to eat is Asian food. Chinese, Thai, Malaysian....even Japanese. Miso and Gyoza. Mmmmmm.

With Japanese, its the main meal that get stressed about, I never know what to choose. Don't want to go with teriyaki, boring. And tempura is a little same same. Tonight, Jeff forced me to have beef sukiyaki, and it was fabuous. 

Sukiyaki is a dish cooked in one pot, at your table. It was quite amusing sitting in the middle of a busy restaurant, having a waiter cook our meal in front of us.  The beef was amazingly tender, and the combination of veg was delish. 

Cabbage, onion, carrot, greens, swiss brown and oyster mushrooms and delicate rice noodles. I ate untile I had sukiyake coming out my eye balls. And I even dipped the beef in the egg wash, much to Jeff's amusement, I actually enjoyed it. It was lovely!

Matsumoto is at 48 Lygon St, Brunswick East.