Monday, August 31, 2009

East Brunswick Top 5 take out

While I love to cook, I can occasionally suffer from bouts of severe laziness. Thus my top 5 take out options in Brunswick/East Brunswick. 
  1. Red Beef Curry-Mai Thai-Lygon Street-East Brunswick
  2. Butter Chicken with Garlic Naan- Sings Indian Cafe- Nicholson Street- East Brunswick
  3. Any of the wood fired pizzas at Carmela's Pizza- Brunswick Road- East Brunswick
  4. Vegetarian Curry Luksa-Sushi Noodle Guy-Sydney Road-Brunswick
  5. Vege 2 Go- Lygon Street- East Brunswick

1 comment:

  1. try Golden Pizza margarita with salami, chilli and bonjovies - my invention; super!!
    taramasolata from Hellenic, but the salmon roe one not the cod.
    anything from Lazzat on Sydney Rd - the vindaloo is still screaming - pure awsomenessness.