Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Parkview Hotel

The Parkview is perched on the corner of Scotchmer and St Georges in North Fitzroy and is fondly know to my lovely boyfriend as 'the spew'. Don't ask, don't tell. For many years I thought that the best possible thing about this place was its view of Piedemontes (have written about my eternal love for Piede's here).

The front sports bar isn't going to win any points for atmosphere, the staff pretty much look like they want to top themselves, and pokies are a big off put, but its really not that bad, and the lure of a cheap parma is sometimes to hard for me to resist. 

So on a rather desperate Wednesday night, three days before I pack my life up in boxes and put it in storage, I decide that we should go to the Spew. Although it wasn't parma night, I was happy enough for it to be $16 Portahouse night.

The steak was sprisingly good, the cut of meat was good quality, thick cut, and cook to a perfect meduim. The mushroom sauce (or gravy) left a little to be desired, but when you are getting a nice steak for under $20, bitching about the sauce is a bit trivial.

If your not that fussy, and like a cheap midweek meal, the Parkview is OK and will hit the spot.

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