Sunday, June 13, 2010

Best Sunday Roast in Melbourne - Contender # 2 The North Fitzroy Arms

Best Sunday Roast in Melbourne, contender #2 is The North Fitzroy Arms. 

I have written about the North Fitzroy Arms before, and I find it to be extremely pleasant. The wait staff are really friendly, and the atmosphere is warm and relaxed. On a Sunday evening they serve a traditional roast from 5pm. 

Sunday roast at at the Arms is possibly the best value I have come across. For $10 you get a full roast meal, for $15 you can have roast plus soup or dessert. Today's roast was beef, and dessert was the delightful Queen's Pudding. 

This roast is by no means the most adventurous, there are no hidden surprises. Its straight up roast beef, with carrots, pumpkin and potato and those pesky frozen peas (AGAIN). The beef is done well, but its still tender, and there is a nice little bite of mustard in the gravy.

My Queen's Pudding on the other hand is extremely surprising, and a little bit special. Inside this ramekin are layers of warm berry compote, lemon curd and cakie pudding. Topped with a soft meringue and biscotti on the side. It was on of those desserts where you wish it would never end. Each mouthful is a little bit of sweet but tart heaven. 

You aren't going to be blown away by an inventive twist on a traditional meal, but for $10 you will walk away with a full belly and some change in your pocket. 

Week 2 of the search for the Best Sunday Roast in Melbourne, The North Fitzroy Arms leads the charge.

Have you been to the Arms?

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