Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Grand BBQ- Target Centre, Melbourne

Have I mentioned lately that I am mad for dumplings? 

My cravings take me all places, this week they took me to the Grand BBQ in the Target Centre off Bourke Street. 

At the Grand BBQ you can choose from a menu or the young tao foo. Young tao foo are selections of vegetable and bean curd stuffed with fish paste and other tasty teats like friend bean curd skin and chicken dumplings, with noodle and soup. 

I'm really not sure if the dumplings are mock meat? I don't think so, but quite frankly I am to afraid to ask. I don't come here for the friendly service. One time, I lost my numbered ticket, and the same woman who served me almost refused to give me my lunch...this same woman took my money and  stated at me with rage when I couldn't decide which dumplings to have...

Anyhoo, I have the vermicelli, with chicken broth, two chicken dumplings, one bean curd roll, two crispy bean curd skin and a pork and prawn dumpling. At $9.50 its extremely good value, and its EXTREMELY yum. 

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