Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Birthday of glorious food...

This years birthday was a celebration filled with good friends, to many drinks and great food. I have come out the other end a year older, a few kilos heavier, and with a few memories for the vault. Thanks to those who made it one to remember! 

I'll start with Yum Cha at Yum Cha Cafe.

I am my no means a Yum Cha expert. I don't really know the rules, but we had a nice lunch. We felt obliged to pick whatever was on offer, and ended up with a few too many fried selections. But we ate until we were full to our eyeballs, and had some very yummy dumplings (prawn, pork and prawn, duck and pork). 

The main event was duck. Sweet sweet peaking duck. 

My only birthday request as a peaking duck, at The Old Kingdom on Smith Street, Collingwood. We were served by the duck master, who slices a peaking duck like a surgeon. The man has magic hands. I ate until I was in a food coma. It was by far the most enjoyable duck session I have had, mainly because there was more than enough food to fill our tummies, but I also enjoyed being told off for not rolling my pancakes properly. I will return to the Old Kingdom time and time again. 

A duck should always be washed down with a glass of Pinot, and we did so with a bottle of Le Chat Noir 2008. It was rich and smooth, with pronounced cherry flavours and strong tannin. 

To round out the decadence, a cheese platter tops me off nicely. All essentials can be found at Maria's Coffee House and Deli on Nicholson St, North Carlton. You will probably not get the most friendly service in the world, but you will get the most amazing prosciutto you have ever eaten. Maria's has all essentials you could possibly need. Including wine. 

Maria's has quite a nice international selection, but I chose an old favorite, Trentham Estate Pinot. Its affordable, and very drinkable. 

In summary, as far as 20 something birthdays goes, this one was 10/10. 

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