Sunday, March 28, 2010

Market Sunday - The Queen Victoria Market

Shopping at the market is one of my favourite things to do. I love smelling, tasting, looking and touching everything. I could and sometimes do, spend hours walking around fantasizing about what I would cook with this or that.  I love that the market is where fantasy meets reality. I once impulsively purchased a $70 lobster, for no good reason, other than because I wanted it.

I get really caught up in who has the cheapest broccoli, and does this basil smell better than that thyme. I am a total sucker for the dollar bags of veg, and I pretty much can't walk past the McIvers without purchasing at least one bag of lose leaf tea, that I will probably never drink, because  I prefer coffee and I am mad for a Panama bean at the moment.   

This weekends trip yielded many a tasty treats. Italian chicken rolls (cheese & smoked ham), eye fillet steak and kiev from the meat hall for under $25 have me feeling like a winner. 

The deli is my weakness...the cheese, the bread, the olives...the coffee. Just thinking about it is making me salivate. Getting out of here alive is a exercise of will and determination. This week I have Jeff tagging along with me, which means no mucking around. We get what we need. God bless Jeffs impatient nature. I get some sopressa. Later in the day, Jeff will moan while eating it. We make a b-line for a cheese and spinach filo rolls.
As mentioned earlier, I can get a little carried away in the fruit and veg section, but today I am strategic, I know what I need. Beautiful swiss brown mushrooms, broccoli, zucchini, bananas, apple and I'm outta there.

I didn't act upon all of my impulses, I stayed away from the almod bread, and honey roasted cashews. I didn't get that amazing french brie, or fetta stuffed olives. But this week is Easter, and I'm going to eat it well :)

While not eaten on this trip, I often need dutch pancakes. 

Because life if to short to eat bad food.

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  1. Heh... I have a cupboard of loose leaf tea too, all with only a spoonful or two taken out. Still keep buying 'em though!