Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Mess Hall- Melbourne

51 Bourke Street Melbourne

The top end of Bourke Street is one of my favorite places in the city. While it doesn't get the same kind of hype that the Paris end of Collins might, it encapsulates many of this things I love about this city. There is the stunning view of Parliament House, the beautiful classical sounds drifting out of Thomas Music, Florentino, Society, The Paperback Book Shop, Pelligrini and the iconic Plane Trees. Among these gems, you will also find The Mess Hall.

On a particularly lovely day in early Spring, I wondered down for a late lunch. At 2pm, there were still a few diners and almost everything on the menu was still available. On offer are mostly Italian inspired dishes, offering homemade pasta's, a range of insalatas, pizza and a separate breakfast menu. When I say Italian, I don't mean the kind that you typically find on Lygon Street. This is fresh, interesting and many of the dishes are seasonal. I chose a roasted veggie panino with feta.

I really love the Mess Hall. If I am meeting up with someone in the city its one of the places that I will always suggest. Even if you are lunching alone, it is a nice place to seek some solitude to 40 minutes. The service is friendly, the food is quick and reasonably priced and the coffee is wonderful. HOWEVER, on this particular visit, I was subjected to another helping of Kate Bush with my meal. What is it with Kate bush popping up all of a sudden? Maybe its just me, but I would have thought her musical stylings would put one off their meal, not contribute to the ambiance. Maybe I'm not hipster enough. Maybe it doesn't really matter.

Besides the Kate Bush offence, The Mess Hall ticks all of my lunch time boxes and I offer 17/20.

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