Thursday, September 3, 2009

Los Amates Mexican Kitchen- Fitzroy

34 Johnston St
Fitzroy VIC 3065

Los Amates Mexican Kitchen claims to be the best Mexican food in Australia. No Tex Mex crap to be found here. I suppose they thought they should get that off their chests from the get go. OK, I'm up for it. Lets just jump in head first.

This partucular Thusrday evening began with a rather grumpy phone call, "what do you mean your not coming home for dinner? Your out drinking? But I'm hungry!" the phone call was followed by a text "our boys are out drinking, we should go out for dinner!" a quick reply read "rad, meet me at work and we will go from there". Thank god, I will be eating soon, my blood sugar is dropping rapidly.

Los Amates was the chosen venu, and with no booking, we were lucky enough to be seated straight away. I really should learn to make bookings more often. Apparently there are many many organised people out there, making bookings for dinners two and even three weeks in advance. Sheesh, I need to get with the program.

Los Amates isn't exactly the prettiest restaurant, the tables and chairs are old and a little crappy, but the walls are covered in bright vibrant murals. The mood is quite festive and comfortable.

I'm not exactly fluent in Spanish and the wait staff were friendly enough to walk us through the menu. In addition to being unorganised, I am also indecisive. In my current state of starvation, there was no time to waste so the vegetarian combination platter ($30) was chosen and corona with fresh lime ($8) to wash it down.

Just as everything was settled, the boys phone wanting to join us. A bigger table is obtained with little fuss, and a meat eater platter is ordered. The food arrives as the boys do, for a chaotic evening, everything is going swimmingly.

The combination paltter was rather impressive. It had five selections;Sope, Quesadilla, Molletes, Tlacoyos and Tacos.Each item was different from the other. The platter offered bold flavours of lime, coriander and chili with contrasting crispy iceberg lettuce, beans, cheeses and tortillas. By the time I got to the second mouth full I was really excited. To he honest, for a $30 platter, there could have had more of each selection. A hungry man could easily finish this to himself.

Left not quite satisfied, the boys had another serve of tacos and the girls would try some dessert. We selected a Flan de la casa ($7.50).

The flan was like a very moist corn bread with a rich caramel sauce. It was unlike anything I have ever had before, and throughly enjoyable. There was definatly enough to share.

This is actually the second time I have dined at the Mexican Kitchen and I would definatly return. While I enjoyed the platter, I would not have it again. The second plate of tacos was a generous size, and I would go this option next time around. Between four people including drinks, desserts and extras the total was $130. Not to bad.

On this occasion I would offer 14/20.

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